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Thyroid Hormone-Need To Get Your Life Back?

I struggled with low thyroid function for years (aka thyroid insufficiency) prior to my weight loss journey.

I always felt that it was my thyroid that was the culprit of me feeling rundown, tired, overweight and frustrated. I finally had the help from a colleague who finally optimized my thyroid levels and I have never felt better! Relieved and happy to finally find support for my symptoms, I realized I too wanted to help others feel better.

Maybe you can relate to this, you feel that your thyroid hormone is "off" but the physician keeps telling you that your thyroid is "normal" but you really know that is isn't. I get it, you are frustrated and want to find a provider who will listen to you and your symptoms and not just test the levels.

The thyroid hormone is a metabolic hormone secreted by the hormone gland. It regulates body temperature, metabolism and brain function, when functioning correctly the thyroid gland helps with increased energy, temperature and warmth. It increases fat breakdown resulting in weight loss as well as a lower cholesterol level. It improves brain metabolism and improves foggy thinking. It relives symptoms of thin, brittle hair and nails.

The thyroid gland affects every cell in the body.

People who suffer from low thyroid function tend to experience fatigue and low energy, slowness in their thinking and actions, forgetfulness, mental confusion, depression, arthritis-like pain and susceptibility to colds and infections. Thyroid production declines as we age similar to other hormones, this is not considered to be true hypothyroidism but rather thyroid insufficiency. Research shows that improving the thyroid levels will help to alleviate many of the symptoms of thyroid insufficiency and allow our system to function more effective and efficiently.

“I kept going to the doctor searching for the cause of fatigue and feeling lousy. The doctor always told me that my thyroid was “normal” but I knew it wasn’t. Thanks to being on the right kind and the right dose of thyroid replacement, I finally feel back to my old self again”.

Michelle T. Age 38

Your complaints may consist of lack of energy, weight gain, fatigue, foggy thinking which are all symptoms of low thyroid. You tell your doctor to test your thyroid because you truly feel that your thyroid is the issue, however doctors day in and day out continue telling you that your “levels are normal”.

Just because your lab levels fall within a normal range does not mean that these levels are optimal or best for you. Normal levels are based on the average for the population. Normal for a middle aged person is low in comparison to a younger person, so a middle aged level is just as low as everyone else at that age. Physicians call it “normal for your age”, you might call it “feeling lousy for your age”. By optimizing hormone levels, symptoms of low thyroid can be alleviated and health benefits are found.

Most physicians prescribe T4 or Synthroid for thyroid symptoms unfortunately many symptoms are not alleviated despite treatment with Synthroid and “normal thyroid levels”. This is due to the lack of optimizing the T3 levels which are in control of your metabolism, brain function and body temperature. In spite of the evidence that natural thyroid with T3 is beneficial, physicians continue to prescribe T4 due to the drug company influence and habit.

I get it, you are frustrated and tired and want to find a provider who will listen to you and address your symptoms and not just test the levels. If you are suffering with thin hair, brittle nails, fatigue, weight gain, foggy thinking, low energy, now is the time to come and see me at Synergy Health and Wellness, I will collect a thyroid hormone panel and together we will assess your thyroid levels (all 3 levels not just 1) and we will work together to develop a treatment plan to optimize your thyroid and alleviate your symptoms once and for all.

Interesting in learning more? Have questions?

Schedule a FREE discovery phone call and let's chat... just click the link below!

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