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Together, we will create an all-inclusive guide to best support your mental and physical wellness, based on your lifestyle and your goals.


We’ll target areas including, but not limited to, diet, exercise, stress management, hydration, and sleep, to support living out your best life.

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Synergy's Comprehensive Nutrition Programs Include: 

  • Comprehensive Consultation & Intake Assessment

  • Individualized Nutrition Coaching

  • Monthly 30 minute in person or video appointment with the provider. This is when we will design and discuss the best nutrition plan for you!

  • Weekly check in via messaging to discuss your progress or any issues or concerns you may have.

  • Calculation of your macros- protein, carbs, fats and fiber for weight loss.

  • Nutritional healthy habits to focus on for weight loss.

  • Nutritional habits to avoid for weight loss.

  • Exercise strategies to incorporate for weight loss. 

  • Strategies to help with stress management for weight loss. 

  • Recommendations to help improve better sleep for weight loss. 

  • Recommendations to improve digestion and gut health. 

  • Herbs to incorporate for weight loss. 

  • Daily water intake goals. 

  • Ways to increase healthy fiber in your diet.

  • We will discuss (if desired) different ways of eating that help with weight loss including volume method eating and structured flex meal planning. 

  • 4 weeks of food planning including recipes specifically designed for you and your calorie and macro goals that include foods you enjoy eating!

  • 1:1 Accountability with your provider!


Dietary Supplement Guidance, Recommendations, and Protocols to Support Whole Body Wellness

Comprehensive Lab Testing to supplement your work with Synergy Health and Wellness: learn more through biomarker analysis about hormone balance, heart health, metabolism, anxiety, fatigue, brain fog, stress, and more with real results. 

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What we do together...

We will establish a NEW lifestyle & achieving wellness according to your individual needs. Your healthy lifestyle may be supported by cutting edge medications like peptide therapy, bioavailable hormone therapy for men and women, or semaglutide.


All services are offered via a virtual platform. Services are available nationwide.

Let’s build a wellness protocol that works for you. Based on past history, interests, current lifestyle circumstances, among many other factors, a thoughtfully designed, targeted, realistic plan will be tailored to best meet your needs.

Doing what is best for you

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