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Synergy in Moab, Utah

Telehealth services in Green River, Castle Valley, Monticello, Blanding and surrounding areas in Southern Utah Counties. 

You can make an appointment to come and visit me in my Heber City office, or you can schedule a meeting to meet with me virtually through my telehealth option.

My Services

Women's Hormone Treatment
Men's Testosterone Treatment

Hormone imbalance treatments are an effective method to help men and women lose and keep off body fat. 


While women — particularly postmenopausal women — are generally more receptive to hormone treatments, both men and women can benefit from treatments that focus on balancing and supplementing important hormones like testosterone.


My practices combine hormone therapy with other factors critical to your unique physiology. Balancing your hormones can make losing weight much easier.

Medical Weight Loss

There are several medications that can be added to your routine to make weight loss easier. 


Prescription weight loss medications aren’t typically a long-term solution. With care, I will help you create a routine that helps you lose weight without a heavy reliance on medications. 


Using weight loss drugs are most effective when used with a healthy lifestyle. I will help you create a healthy lifestyle tailored for you and your needs to help you lose and keep weight off. 

Custom Nutrition Programs

Weight loss is often more about nutrition than it is about lifestyle and physical activity. 


Developing a customized nutrition plan that matches your physiology can be a challenge. This is why I have trained for years to understand the human body and its needs.


I will help you develop a nutrition plan that complements your lifestyle and optimizes your ability to lose weight.

Weight Loss Coaching Services

Getting where you want to go is the easiest when someone is walking by your side. 


As your coach, I am here to help show you the way and encourage you along the path. I believe that if you are willing to put in the time, money, and energy into this program, you are capable of making substantial changes in your life.


I will help you at every step of your weight loss journey.

Appointment Options

In-Office Consultation

My main office is located in Heber. Be sure to book an appointment before you come into the office, as I cannot guarantee walk-in appointments. 

Telehealth Virtual Appointments

Telehealth appointments are available at your convenience. Whether you prefer telehealth meetings for the sake of saving on travel or for the comfort of consultation from your own home, I am happy to accommodate your preferences.

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