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Utah Medical
Weight Loss and Hormone Therapy

No one should have to embark on a wellness journey alone. You deserve the support of an experienced guide to help you hit your weight loss goals and achieve the healthy lifestyle you want.


I can help you in person or virtually using telemedicine, making it easier than ever to stick to your health goals and maintain the confidence you deserve in your weight loss journey


In addition to providing guidance for your weight loss and wellness goals, I also work to integrate men’s and women’s bio-identical hormone therapy. Maintaining balanced hormones is sure to leave a positive impact. I can help you to heal, fine-tune, and balance your hormones.


Set off on your journey and contact synergy health and wellness today!

How I Can Help You

I help in person or virtually using telemedicine to guide you through a weight loss and wellness journey to support you to regain your health and instill confidence so you can achieve your weight loss and wellness goals.

I also work to integrate mens and women’s bio-identical hormone therapy to heal, fine tune and balance hormones that may lead to a spectrum of issues, and concerns leading to a decreased feeling of overall health and wellbeing, using the following services.


"The Journey Towards Health Begins On The Path Of Self Love" 


“This has, by far, been the best weight loss experience I’ve had…battling being overweight most of my adult life, I have tried many weight loss programs, diet, exercise programs, etc. all the weight I lost with them came back, and then some. And the programs required hard exercise programs that were very hard on my body. With Synergy Medical Weight Loss Clinic, I have been able to lose the weight and keep it off. The weekly visits with the Nurse Practitioner, Cammi are helpful to check in and fine tune what I need to be doing. I highly recommend this for anyone who has felt like they’ve tried everything else."

Melinda, R

“I want to thank Cammi, l have lost over 30 pounds, couldn't be happier!! There's nothing better than having positive out come!!

Thank you my Cammi!!!" ❤️😊❤️ 

Shelly, A

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Download the Nutrient Dense Smoothie Guide and You'll Learn...

Hop on to your health journey with our Smoothie Guide Download, which includes:


-specific and doable nutrition tips that you can start implementing today

-easy-to-follow, effective protein smoothie recipes that you’ll actually enjoy

-hormone-balancing smoothies that provide a healthy way to lose weight

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